What is Pacitan?

Pacitan is located on the southwestern tip of East Java Province. Territory bordering with Ponorogo in the north, Trenggalek in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south, and Wonogiri (Central Java) in the west. Most of the area in the form of limestone mountains, which is part of the series of the South Mountains. The land is less suitable for agriculture.
Pacitan is also known to have a beautiful caves, including Cave Gong, wasps, Kalak, and Luweng Jaran (thought to be the largest cave complex in Southeast Asia). In mountainous areas are often found fossils of ancient.

Pacitan typical food is rice Tiwul, even these snacks used to replace rice the staple food for the people of the South Mountains like Wonogiri, Wonosari, Pacitan, and Psychology. Tiwul rice is made from cassava (tubers of dried cassava) which is then crushed and boiled.

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