We sell international and domestic flights to all of our destinations and recommend booking your flights with us for a number of good reasons. You may notice we do not advertise flight prices on our website and this is due to the fluctuating nature of prices, which means at the time of booking we will try and find you the best possible combination of price, flexibility and convenience.


Why book your flights with Cempaka Travel?


  1. You have financial protection

When you book flights departing from the any countries with us, your holiday becomes financially protected under IATA , ASITA and ASTINDO Authority . This means that in the unlikely event of our insolvency, any holiday arrangements made with us in conjunction with flights from the Other countries are 100% protected.


  1. You can book with any airline

We are not affiliated to any particular airlines or alliances, enabling us to book any scheduled airline we wish.  This means access to the best possible availability, timings and prices.  As a Indonesian based tour operator we are sometimes given access to special travel trade fares for domestic flights departing in all around Indonesia.  These are commonly cheaper than any other fares found online.


  1. You can hold seats

If you book online you have to pay in full upfront at the time of booking.  As a tour operator we are able to hold seats for set periods of time which guarantees your seat whilst your organise a payment solution that suits your needs.


  1. You have one point of contact

The convenience of a single point of contact for your whole holiday from the time of planning your holiday until the time you return home.  This is especially useful in the event of unplanned changes by the airlines before or during your travels, or changes outside of your control that may affect both your flight and accommodation/tour arrangements.  Our Travel Specialists have helped avoid many a logistical nightmare.


  1. We are the Travel Specialists

Let us do what we do best. We book flights every day with various airlines all over the world which makes us well practiced in getting the best deals and options that meet your needs.  Our passionate Travel Specialists will talk you through the options whether you want a direct flight, a stopover in Singapore, a business class seat, an airport lounge, a vegetarian meal or a bassinet.

Reservation can be made via our fax, email , online at our website center or call with a reply being provided within 24 hours/more for special request that require connection to overseas data. Tailor-made tour packages are a specially. Itineraries can be designed and implemented to meet with specific requirement or budget constrains.




Package code or title  must be quoted for rates to apply.


A deposit of 70% of the price / per person is required at the time of booking.


Full payment must be made maximum   1 week before the departure date. Once your reservation has been confirmed, any alternations by you will incur $10 to $35 communication and handling charge.



We reserve the right to offer confirmation within 30 to 15 days  prior to departure.



Cost tour and tour events are subject to change at any time with or without prior notice , and if there is a change of foreign currency or ticket prices. Change fees apply to tour participants who have paid tour cost but not yet left (delay).



Your deposit will be forfeited if cancellation is made after your reservation has been confirmed. There will be no refunds for unused, meals and sightseeing tours not taken or accommodation not used either in part or full.

However, cancellation within 7-13 days before departure, cancellation fee of 50% of tour cost.

Cancellation within 1-6 days before departure, charged at 100% of tour cost.
For the group – if any one member to make changes or partial cancellation of tour / ticket that has been determined, it can not claim refund of service that have not or are not used.
For any hotel issued -cancellation will not be permitted )



It is advisable for you to purchase travel Insurance polish- our connection with ADIRA Insurance for the convenience and peace of your trip. Do contact us for more detail.



Tour participants are not authorized to carry goods which are prohibited to be inserted into a country that is considered as a commodity. Violation of this things is the responsibility of tour participants fully. Please note for baggage weight – in Business class maximum 30 kg and 20 kg for Economy class. Hand carry can only be less than 10 kg to go inside the cabin.

Travel Program Changes :

If there is something beyond our capabilities , we reserve the right to change the date of departure, transportation, events, etc – without prior notice for smooth tour event. The tour operator is not responsible for any delays, force major, and things beyond our capabilities.


It is the passengers responsibility  to ensure that they have valid passport and visas. Travelers from many countries require visas for entry into different countries. (They are countries that are not requiring any visa). Do contact us for more information. (  only for International Packages )


Cempaka Tour and Travel, will not responsible of any damages caused by passenger itself. We have the right to use other variant to or cancel the tours, accommodation, transport or other services and facilities advertised in this website due for the best result.

 CONDITION  for Reservation Flight / Hotel :

There will be a time limit for every airplane ticket  booked / hotel .Automatic cancellation will occur if there is no order for issuing the airplane ticket – as full payment must be made before issuing your airplane ticket / hotel.

We do sell travel insurance directly using our best partner . We offer both annual multi-trip and single trip policies, but whoever you choose to insure yourself with we think there are three key areas to consider.


  1. Cancellation & Curtailment

We strongly recommend buying your travel insurance when you book your holiday as cancellation cover starts from the day you take out your policy.  This means, in the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your holiday (for an insurable reason) before you depart, you may be covered for cancellation fees or non-refundable aspects of your holiday.  Curtailment cover means you’ll be able to make a claim for reimbursement against any unused part of your holiday in the event that you have to cut short your holiday and return home due to an unforeseeable and insurable reason.  Please check with your policy provider for details.


  1. Medical expenses

Provides cover for medical expenses in the event of illness, injury or death during your holiday and where necessary emergency medical assistance and repatriation.  If you are planning on partaking in a specific hazardous activity or an extreme sport please check with your insurance provider that you are adequately covered.


  1. Personal possessions


Provides cover for your luggage and valuables if they are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip.  If you are taking an expensive item such as a laptop, tablet, camera or smartphone then please make sure this item is covered as many policies exclude such items or have limits on how much you can claim for against a single item.

We consider adequate Travel Insurance to be essential for your trip. It is your responsibility to purchase an appropriate level of cover to meet your personal requirements.  If you’re spending a big chunk of your hard earned cash on an amazing holiday, it makes sense to spend a little more to safeguard yourself against the things that can happen before and during your trip.

It’s important that you try to maintain a good level of health while you are travelling and, when in doubt, consult a doctor. If you have language problems you can ask our local partners for assistance.

Jet lag: when your biological clock is confused by flying through different time zones, your body has to adjust to a new biorhythm for the first few days after your flight.  During which time you can feel tired in the day and awake at night.  It’s generally recommended that you drink limited amounts of coffee or alcohol during the flight, and upon arrival don’t demand too much of your body for the first couple of days. It’s also handy to get into the new sleeping pattern as quickly as possible.

Sunstroke: can be prevented simply by wearing a hat and sunglasses and drinking plenty of water.  Always try and keep a bottle of water with you, especially if you’re off the beaten track and unlikely to come across drinking water. If you suspect sunstroke (feeling light-headed, headaches), you can prevent it from getting worse by drinking water and finding somewhere in the shade to rest.

Skincare: Always use a high factor sun tan lotion on exposed skin, even during rainy season. Snorkelling in a T-shirt is a wise idea as even waterproof sun tan lotion washes off after a while.

Cuts and insect bites: If you cut or scratch yourself whilst away, keep a close eye on them. Clean them with disinfectant and keep them covered with a plaster during the day. Don’t scratch mosquito bites, they’re infuriating, but it only makes them worse.

You can avoid attracting biting insects, by wearing light coloured clothing, especially in the evening.  It you’re prone to skin irritations, wear cotton or linen clothing, and you can help avoid prickly heat by using talcum powder after your morning shower.

Wash or disinfect your hands after using the toilet, and don’t bite your nails. We would recommend taking a small bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel with you.